Mad Dog Backup System

About Mad Dog Backup System

Mad Dog Backup System is a simple application that allows users to upload files to a server via a Web browser. It's written in C, HTML, JavaScript, and Perl. As quotas are not enforced, clients may upload as many files as the server allows.


Please read the release notes for the latest information.



  • A Web browser and an account. The client side has been verified to work with Firefox and Safari. If you encounter any problems, please submit a trouble ticket.
  • Please download the software and follow the included instructions. Generally, your server must have Apache installed, have access to a C compiler and Perl, and storage capabilities.


The server software has been tested on Debian, FreeBSD, and Ubuntu.


The INSTALL and README files should answer all of your questions. However, please contact the support team if you have any problems. Please provide as many details as possible.


This project is hosted by the fine folks at Sourceforge. Logo